Each NFT on PopRank is represented via an NFT object.

dbIdThe globally unique ID (GUID) of the NFT.string
chainThe blockchain the NFT is hosted on.'ethereum' | 'polygon' | 'solana'
tokenSchemaThe token standard of the NFT.string
contract_addressThe contract address of the NFT's collection.string
collectionThe slug/identifier of the collection; used in the collection URL.string
idThe token ID of the NFT.string
nameThe name of the NFT.string
ownerThe owner's OpenSea username.string
ownerAddressThe owner's wallet address.string
ownerProfileUrlThe owner's profile image URL.string
priceThe listing price on OpenSea.string
aestheticRankThe aesthetic rank of the NFT.number
ratingThe Elo rating that determines the NFT's aesthetic rank.number
aestheticRankReliabilityThe reliability of the NFT's aesthetic ranking (improves with more rounds played).number
rarityTraitSumRankThe rarity rank of the NFT.number
rarityTraitSumThe sum of trait rarities that determine the NFT's rarity rank.number
timesSeenThe number of times the NFT has been seen in ranking games.number
timesWonThe number of times the NFT has won in ranking games.number
imageUrlThe image URL of the NFT artwork.string
animationUrlThe animation URL of the NFT animation (if it exists).string | null
traitsAn array of Trait objects that describe the NFT.Trait[]
updatedThe timestamp of the most recent update to the NFT's API response data.string