Query 150+ ranked NFT collections on Ethereum and Polygon.

The PopRank API is a REST API that enables developers to build unique experiences around NFTs by querying PopRank collections, NFTs (including rankings, ownership, and listings), rounds, and leaderboards across multiple chains.


Try It Out!

If you'd like to jump in and test some endpoints, try querying our NFTs endpoint using the interactive widget on the righthand side.

Authentication & Rate Limits

We're delighted that the PopRank API is currently free of charge and not rate-limited. Any API authentication changes will be announced ahead of time.


We request that any consumed PopRank API data be accompanied by attribution in your website or application. Consult the Logos & Brand Guidelines to download and use official PopRank assets.

Additional Tools

Leverage official PopRank open-source NPM packages:

  • @poprank/sdk: API routes and model/type definitions for JavaScript/TypeScript applications
  • @poprank/rankings: Use the industry standards in calculating rarity and aesthetic rankings for any NFT collection
  • @poprank/opensea: Shape OpenSea API responses into compatible PopRank types and models


If you require developer assistance, you may contact the PopRank team in any of the following ways: