Each collection on PopRank is represented as a Collection object.

slugThe identifier of the collection used in the collection URL.string
addressThe smart contract address associated with this collection.string
nameThe display name of the collection (does not have to be unique).string
descriptionA summary that describes the collection.string
profileUrlLink to the collection's profile image (square).string
featureUrlLink to the collection's feature image (landscape).string
sizeThe number of items in the collection.number
thresholdsize multiplied by threshold is the number of played rounds needed to achieve aesthetic rank reliability (ARR).number
activeIf false, the collection exists on PopRank but is inaccessible.boolean
traitsThe JSON of all collection traits.object
featuredA positive integer means the collection is featured on PopRank's home page.number
timestampThe date and time the collection was listed on PopRank.string
sample_idAn example of the length and format of the token IDs in the collection.string
chainA list of blockchains the collection is live on.('ethereum' | 'polygon' | 'solana')[]
categoriesThe categories that apply to the collection.('gen-art' | 'gaming' | 'avatar')[]
lastUpdatedThe UNIX timestamp since the last collection update.number
collectionTypeThe type of collection. Currently always default to default.string
privateAddressesThe array of addresses that are allowed to see this collection. A defined value here means the collection is private.string[]
floorPriceThe current floor price of the collection.number
seenThe number of times the collection's NFTs have been seen.number
validPlayedThe number of rounds played that have been deemed valid after processing.number
percentSeenThe percentage of the collection's NFTs that have been in one or more rounds.number